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Next generation of mineral-based building insulation

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Thermulon develops aerogels for building insulation. Aerogels are the most insulating materials known to man. Thermulon's aerogels are the first to
beat the tradeoff between fire-safety, thermal performance and price. 


Aerogel insulation based on inorganic material can achieve an A2 fire-rating. Thermulon's aerogels can be the only high-thermal performance, affordable material meeting new

regulations for tall buildings (>18 m)
n the United Kingdom.

Thermal Efficiency

Thermulon's nanoporous nature gives it excellent thermal efficiency
(lambda <20 mW/mK), meaning thinner insulation can be used to reach U-values required by Building Regulations – maximising expensive floorspace in
urban environments.

Scale & Price

Bringing together the work of over 40 academics in nanoporous chemistry, a new material and process has been designed to match the scale and price required to operate in the
construction industry.

There is a clear need for low cost, high performance materials with unbeatable thermal properties compliant with all fire regulations. If Thermulon can be comparable on in price on a "£ / unit of conductivity" basis, be responsibly produced and have all necessary environmental credentials, it will surely gain traction in the market place as as a contractors' go-to material

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Thermulon was explicitly created as a company to develop products that are
highly insulating as well as fire-safe.

40% of UK's emissions come from buildings and their operation. Thermulon's materials can help minimize the carbon footprint of our build environment.

Our vision is to optimise Thermulon's novel proprietary chemical process to produce thermally-insulating aerogels. Aerogels are ultra-high-performance insulation materials based on silica which are lightweight, inherently non-combustible and can have the lowest Thermal Conductivity of any material in existence.

Thermulon's aerogels can be formulated in end-user products such as plasters and cladding panels to deliver insulating that are excellent insulators without compromising on fire safety.

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